Modern Steel Doors does one thing.

We make epic pivot doors.

The right pivot door can make a profound impact on your home.

Our diverse collection of pivot doors work to create a lasting and memorable experience

Passion and pride are put into each pivot door. Crafted by artisans, innovation is built into every component of your front door.

Glass Doors

Unimpeded views and large-scale panes characterize our glass doors. Metal trim can be used to segment full-view entry doors and organize space. Our ultra-thin pivot door frame is used on low-profile doors, leaving the glass unrivaled.

Wood Doors

Our wood doors add organic warmth to your home. We offer two basic structures: a metal door with wood panels or a wood door with a metal frame. Both constructions combine the materials in a unique way.

Metal Doors

Modern doesn’t need to be bleak. Vast metal cladding draws attention to the natural beauty of metal. Our metal doors add a raw, yet sophisticated impression to your home. Our wide selection of finishes and hand-sculpted pulls take your entryway to the next level.

Glass & Metal Doors

Different materials can be brought together to create something new. Glass and metal are creatively combined to create a unique effect. Your favorite design can be customized using our hardware, finishes, glass, and other features.

Transitional Doors

Our transitional doors add lush elegance to your home. Elaborate scrollwork or linear design options can transform any entryway. The swinging motion traditionally accompanying these door designs is uniquely replaced by pivoting action.

Alternative Doors

Sometimes the dream door is just over budget. We understand. Our Builder’s Line was created to provide clients with their dream door at a reduced price. Costs are reduced at intentional locations on your door, never compromising quality or functionality.

modern steel door design assembly and construction
modern steel door handle sculpting and shaping of square serrated door pull
modern metal front door assembly with welding

Modern Steel Doors is the preeminent pivot door company in the world.

What is a pivot door? How do they work?

Pivot Door[piv-uh t]  [dawr]

  1. A door which spins about a vertical axis away from the door frame. The nonadjacent axis placement produces a space on either side of the pivot door. The active and inactive areas of a pivot door move in opposing directions to create a dual directional movement. The dual opposing movements of a pivot door create a unique experience that is exclusive to pivot doors.
  2. A door that transfers its weight directly downward without interruption. Pivot doors are suspended by hinges placed under and on top of the door. Conventionally hinged doors transfer their weight indirectly through the doorjamb. The stress caused by pushing and pulling causes misalignment and reduces the capabilities of conventionally hinged doors.

Active & Inactive Spaces Explained with Pivot Door Diagram

Active Space[ak-tiv]  [speys]

  1. The wide, pass-through space of a pivot door.

Inactive Space[in-ak-tiv]  [speys]

  1. The narrow, non-passage area of a pivot door.

What does all of this mean to me?

  1. Very large door sizes are acheiveable
  2. Operatation of your door becomes an event.
  3. You get a unique and unforgettable door that makes heads turn.

Exclusive Benefits of a Genuine Modern Steel Door

  1. Your pivot door arrives ready to use. This means that no assembly is required and you will not have to cut into your concrete floor for installation. Our pivot door hardware was deigned to make installation simple.
  2. Our unique combination of pivot door features are not available anywhere else. The following are three commonly overlooked pivot door components that we have reinvented.
    • A threshold that is seamlessly built into your pivot door frame and finished to match exactly. Even the height and slope of your threshold is tailored to your floor covering, area rug, and other components.
    • Weatherstripping has been designed to seal climatically, acoustically and dampen the impact of your pivot door. Our proprietary features address the differences between pivot doors and conventional doors.
    • Our hand sculpted pivot door pulls have been designed by our in-house artist, JCruz. He has specialized in front door creations for over three decades.

No other pivot door can deliver these exclusive features.

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